Old Tech: Iomega Jaz 2 Drive


Nobody of sound mind would use a noisy slow and unreliable SCSI drive with 2 GB disks today, when you have MicroSD cards, flash USB 3.0 drives or even 50GB Blu-Ray discs at your disposal. I guess I’m certifiable then, because I’ve been trying to get an Iomega Jaz drive connected to my Windows 7 PC that I keep just for tinkering.


The drive in all its glory.

After 2 failed SCSI card purchases, 1st card was to old for Windows 7, 2nd card was the wrong PCI type but the 3rd one was the charm, an Adaptec 19160 SCSI card with an external 50-pin HD connector. Although it’s a 32-bit card, drivers for 64-bit Windows 7 were available through microsemi.com.


Checking disk integrity from Adaptec’s bios.

So why in $Deity’s name the Jaz drive? Pure nostalgia. At the time when Iomega was hip, a time so long ago animals were still able to talk, I owned a 100MB SCSI Zip drive. 100MB seems small today but keep in mind my Amiga 1200 hard drive was 120MB back then. It served my needs but I yearned for the immensely huge 1GB or 2GB Jaz drive, which was an unobtainable, out-of-my-price-range, out of question item back then.


The elusive 2GB Jaz disk.

In my enthusiasm that the drive worked, I tried to copy a high quality MKV for testing purposes. I totally forgot that HD movie files of today are well over 2GB. I’ll just keep it for small files then, non important NAS backed up files, just to be able to use the cool Jaz drive. Definitely something wrong with me.

Resident Evil T-Virus Prop Finished

I finally got all the ordered parts I needed, and was able to finish my Resident Evil T-Virus box, mentioned here. Below you see my RE Prop made fairly cheaply, in comparison to the official €300 licensed movie prop they sell. Not 100% the same, but I did have the joy of assembling it as opposed to just buying it online.



Click (more) for a source and cost list, if you want to make one yourself.


All Things Resident Evil

I’m on a bit of a Resident Evil high lately. Anticipating the new movie (Resident Evil: The Final Chapter), and probably the last one with Goddess Milla Jovovich, I’m having a hard time waiting for the release date of 27 january 2017. I’ve created a poster and had it printed on a linen frame for my door. I couldn’t decide which RE poster I liked most, so I scaled them down and put them all on the same frame with the year of release next to them. To fill out the frame I included the 1st game poster, because it started the whole franchise.


Exhibit A

Next up I ordered a hoodie adorned with the ominous Umbrella Corporation logo. Most people are oblivious to the umbrella or it’s origin. Will be fun if people recognize the logo, I’m sure I’ll hear about it.

Exhibit B

Exhibit B

 And last, when watching the movies I love the T-Virus vials they use, but can’t justify the €300 price tag for the prop replicas they sell.

Official Prop

Official Prop

So I’m planning to build a few myself and light them up with a LED beneath. Here’s my ordering spree so far:

Exhibit C

Exhibit C

The vials, meant for perfume, and metal logo came from aliexpress.com, the 6 Volt battery box was ordered from banggood.com and the twisty shapes were custom printed by Shapeways.com. when everything is assembled I’ll be sure to do a follow up on the finished prop, so stay tuned…

The Greatest Little Car In The World

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Smart car (Mercedes owned now). Driven a Smart Roadster for nine years myself, I’ll admit it’s the most fun car I ever owned and I was sad to see it go. Emergency departments around the world also saw the practical side of a small car in hellish city traffic and start to use them as first responder units. Here are a few examples from around the world:

Amsterdam Smart Car

Fire department Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Australia Smart Car

Ambulance, New South Wales, Australia.


New York Smart Car

Police department, New York, USA

A-team Smart Car

Bonus: I pity the fool who touches my van.

Bubble Bobble Mini Arcade Finally Finished

After finishing my full size arcade cabinet with the RaspBerry Pi upgrade I felt the need to go smaller. The Pi is the perfect little project board to go small. I started brainstorming and Googling to find what’s out there. Most people build a table top for 2 players, but I found this to big still.

Someone posted blueprints on Reddit for a 2-player table top right about the time I was planning the mini arcade. I scaled down the plans and changed them to a 1 player arcade cabinet. Since I don’t have any woodworking skills or tools, I asked my brother to help me with that part. The needed shapes were sawed out of MDF and sandpapered until they fitted.

The mini arcade cabinet is powered by the new RaspBerry Pi 3 model B, a 12V / 5V open frame alternating power supply, a small 5 Watt amp and speaker and a RaspBerry Pi 7″ LCD display. The software running the emulation is RetroPie v3.7 with only Libretro for Mame and Neo Geo emulators showing. Click the More button for a look at the build process and online stores I used to order parts.

Bubble Bobble Mini Arcade by Slevin 06 Bubble Bobble Mini Arcade by Slevin 03Bubble Bobble Mini Arcade by Slevin 01Bubble Bobble Mini Arcade by Slevin 05 Bubble Bobble Mini Arcade by Slevin 04

Bubble Bobble Mini Arcade by Slevin 02















READY PLAYER ONE, An Excellent Book

Long time no post, I should remedy that. A colleague at work tipped my off and lend me his copy of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. The story takes place in 2044 and is an eclectic tale that mentions everything that is and was cool in the ’80’s. John Hughes teen movies, music by Devo, Back to the Future, Star Wars and arcade games, so any one born between 1970 and 1980 should get an immense kick out of it.

You can read the plot summary at Wikipedia.org, visit Ernest Cline’s personal web page, or totally geek out at the writer’s car site Ecto88, a mix of a DeLorean DMC12 from BttF fame, Knight Rider’s KITT and a Ghostbusters hearse with a little bit of Buckaroo Banzai’s jet car thrown in.

If all the above tickles your interest, please read the book. As an added bonus, the movie rights are sold to Steven Spielberg, so where in for a kick ass movie sometime in the future. Awesome…


Book cover from first print.


Ernest Cline’s car, a wet dream for ’80’s nerds.

 updateThe movie version for Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is set for March 2018, directed by Steven Spielberg himself and starring Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke, according to the IMDB.

Fun At The Arcade Hall

This is what happens when your arcade cabinet is next to your surplus Lego stash. You get ideas, not world changing, but fun ideas none the less. I started rooting through my pile of blocks and made some cabinets. Googled for side and marquee art, printed them on glossy photo paper and below are the results. lego_arcade_cabinets

What Is The Matrix?

Every few years, I re-watch the movies I love most. Past weekend was Matrix-time. I started with The Matrix Friday evening, Matrix Reloaded on Saturday and finished the weekend off with The Matrix Revolutions. Even though the first movie is 17 years old this year, the movie magic is still there. As a tribute to those excellent movies: Matrix screensavers on all my machines.

Oh, and don’t forget about The Animatrix for an animated backstory of how the machines came to power.

Nostalgia Hitting Hard With Slevin’s Arcade

When it comes to procrastination , I’ve still have to find my master. I bought this arcade game in the late ’90’s with the plan of removing the old tech and installing a PC with MAME and several 1000’s of roms. I got to the part of installing the PC but than left the project on the backburner until last month.

With a RaspBerry Pi 2 and RetroPie the build is so much more professional than what could be achieved with a PC and MAME. been playing all weekend and I can’t get enough of it. I replaced the original joysticks with new ones I ordered from arcadewinkel.nl, the buttons are mostly the original ones, and still got some kick in them. Even the coin slot still works, but I need to add a 12 volt line to the coin slot lights and a potentiometer for volume control, or I’m going to get in trouble with my neighbors.

Tip for others going this route: save yourself some trouble wiring up the joysticks and buttons to the Rasp with GPIO pins, buy an I-PAC, you’ll thank me later.